Save more in the #MonthOfMore with these Dineout Hacks

Dineout is India’s largest restaurant reservation platform that helps you find restaurants according to your mood. Do you feel like going on a romantic date? Dineout got you covered, rooftop dining? Bars? Dineout got them all in all major cities over India. Dineout also gives you cashback by just uploading the bill on the app. If you’re interested in saving more with Dineout, check out these Dineout hacks-

  1. Sign up and get Rs. 500.
  2. Refer and get Rs. 200.
  3. Get an extra 5% when you add money.
  4. Pay your bill through Dineout Pay and get 20% Cashback up to Rs. 300.
  5. Buy deals and get 20% Dineout cashback.
  6. Use your HDFC Debit/Credit card to buy deals and get additional 50% Cashback — up to Rs. 75 per transaction and Rs. 150 throughout the month of February — on the booking fees.
  7. Get Gourmet Passport membership at half the price. Flat 50% off on GP throughout GIRF.

Here’s a neat example to clear things out and understand how this Dineout Hack works-

It’s Valentine’s week, you’re all set to take your better half to a candlelight dinner at the most amazing place in town. You’ve got her cuisine, the best wine and the ambience. Things are going smoothly until you realize the bill is going to burn a hole in your pocket.

Just when things start to look bad, it is time for #MonthOfMore and we have your back. So, here’s what you need to do-

1.Start by downloading the Dineout app and get a joining bonus of Rs.500 in your app wallet. Now share the joy with a friend by sending the referral link and get Rs.200 more.

dineout refer50 percent off on dineout discount



You can download the app here for android: Download Dineout App

2. Now add up, say Rs.2000 in the wallet that you will use for app purchases, you get 5% more of that amount. Now you got a total of Rs.2800 in your wallet (500+200+2100). By spending Rs.2000, you have earned Rs.800 extra.

3. The second step is to buy two 50% off total bill deals of, for instance, Rs.50 and use your HDFC Debit/Credit card to pay for that to get 50% cashback up to Rs.75 on the booking fee. Excited? Wait there’s more to come.

4. Now pay the total bill through Dineout Pay and get another 20% cashback of up to Rs.300 on that.

5. So now if your total bill was, let’s assume Rs.5000, you’ll only be paying Rs.1575 for that. We did the calculations for you-

Total Bill:                                                                           Rs. 5000

You spend:

Price of the deal for 2 (50+50)                                                                          Rs. 100

(-) 20% Dineout cashback                                                                                 Rs. 20

(-) 50% HDFC Cashback up to Rs. 75                                                               Rs. 50  

Your Rs. 100 deals cost you just Rs. 30!

After the 50% deal:                                                                                           Rs. 2500

(-) Pay 25% of your bill post the deal through earnings:                              Rs. 625

(-) 20% Cashback up to Rs. 300 when you pay through Dineout Pay:          Rs. 300

Bill to be paid:                                                                                                   Rs. 1575

That’s how you can save more in the #MonthOfMore in the Dineout App. So download the app today and spend that special day at the best restaurant.

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