This app tells you shortest metro routes and fares without Internet

Were you looking for how to travel from Noida City Centre Metro Station to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station on  Google Maps and it showed you a giant map of the city? Or did it recommend you a confusing route? Do you find yourself asking for directions from people at the metro stations? Did you know that websites would charge you for downloading the Delhi Metro map in high quality? Do you plan ahead of your schedule and make a budget before you leave, but don’t know how much the Delhi Metro fare will cost? Well, now you can know all of the above information in a matter of seconds. The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation has all the info available on their official website through the Journey Planner section and the Delhi Metro Rail Mobile App.

How to use Delhi Metro Rail Mobile App

It is a Government App, so the interface is fairly plain and simple to use. Anyone can easily get all the information they need in a matter of seconds. The best part about this app is that you don’t need the Internet to use it. Once downloaded, this app has all the information stored in it and you can access it without mobile internet data.

  1. How to find the best route for travelling in Delhi Metro from station to station

How to use the Delhi Metro Mobile App

  •  The first section of the app gives you an option to enter the Routes between stations.

Delhi Metro Mobile App

  •  Select the option to enter your current station and your destination.
  •  Click on Route and you will see a list of all the stations that you need to cover to reach your desired station.

All Delhi Metro Map stations

  • It also tells you the colour of your metro line and if you need to change a metro in between.
  • To check which direction you have to go, you can see the Delhi Metro Map available in HD format and plan your route.


  1. How to check the Station Information for a Delhi Metro Station

Now, this one option is probably the most powerful. There is so much information here such as First and Last Train Timings, Platforms, Gates and Directions, Parking Availability and even the famous Tourist Spots around or near the metro station. It even shows the buses that come near the metro station and their routes. To know more about bus routes and timings, you can download the bus app. Station Information for Delhi Metro

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  1. How to check the Nearest Metro Station around you

This feature requires internet access to know your location and detect the nearest metro station around you in a radius of 5 to 25kms. You can also search by address and look for the nearest metro stations around that address. Delhi Metro Map This app covers everything you might want to know about the Delhi and furthermore that you might interest you. There are also other useful sections like a Tour Guide, Metro Museum, Lost and Found (not available on Sunday), and Online Recharge option for Delhi Metro Cards. You can perform the recharge using Paytm as well.

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