This Couple leaves Books on the Delhi Metro Station benches for anyone who can find them

Reading novels on a metro ride has its own joy. It’s not rare to see a fellow metro commuter with his head sunk is a novel. It’s a great way to pass the time and a healthy habit as well. To promote this healthy habit, this couple leaves novels at Delhi Metro Station benches and leaves clues on their social media accounts on where to find them.

This couple leaves books on the Delhi Metro Stations!!

Shruti Sharma, a writer and her husband Tarun Chauhan have started this initiative in Delhi Metro. Shruti was inspired by Emma Watson, who left books on the London Underground subways and started this initiative as a part of “Books on the Underground”.

couple leaves books on the delhi metro station

Shruti contacted the founder of the Books on the Underground, Hollie Fraser and got permission to get a branch in Delhi.

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How does it work?

The couple leaves novels at Delhi Metro Station benches or in the premises of the station and updates a picture on their social media accounts. They are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The name of the station and time is mentioned with a picture of the book. Whoever guesses and reaches there first can get the book, take it with them, read it. Once the reader is done with the book, they can return it.

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How do the books find the way back home?

As answered by Shruti on her WordPress Blog, the books can be returned the same way. The reader can tell Shruti about it, and they will tell them where to put it. She can be reached through the mail or through social media.

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The initiative has been going on from 2017 and still active today. It should reach out to more people to make reading more fun. The best part is that the book you find may not be what you are used to reading. It is your chance to try out new genres without spending money on it.


Here’s a personal view of the whole initiative and how it can be monetized-

Since we don’t really see many book reviewers in India on Instagram or Youtube. Publishing houses don’t have many social media influencers and promoters. This platform serves a great purpose of promoting books online. Publishers such as Harper Collins have in fact sponsored “Books on Delhi Metro” and offering a 5% discount to anyone who finds their books.

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Shruti has been guest on Tedx hosted at Shivaji College, Zee Jaipur Literature Festival and JumpStart Festival.

The initiative has gained the love and appraises from Bibliophiles all over Delhi and other states can’t wait for it to start as well. They have queries from various states such as Jaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore and planning to expand as well. Mumbai has already started!


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The frequency of Books Dropped

According to their social media posts, they drop 2 books almost every day.

Possible Drop Locations

Since they are books, you can expect a clean location such as the benches on the platforms, near the stairs, along with the balcony edges. However, the clue pictures don’t exactly reveal the location. Where’s the fun in that?

What kind of books to expect?

Literally anything. From Hindi to English, Fiction to self-help books or even history. Biographies, marketing hacks, technology, cooking etc. But you do get the option of knowing which book you are going after, so that won’t be an issue.

So, the next time you’re heading out, do check out Books on the Delhi Metro social media pages and follow the clues! 

Follow up with Book on the Delhi Metro on the following social media accounts to catch up on the upcoming clues about the books.



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